Apr 28

Letter of Recommendation From Pali Mountain


Please let this letter serve as both an introduction and recommendation for Andy Villaescusa.

Mr. Villaescusa has worked with us both as a private contractor and as a direct employee for approximately four years and we have been more than satisfied with every project he has undertaken here at Pali Mountain.

When Mr. Villaescusa began working directly for us he brought to our company many skills that had been lacking in the past regarding our Landscaping Department. To say that he took our Landscaping Department from the proverbial dark ages to the twenty-first century is not an understatement. His skills, knowledge and abilities are amazing and have been vital to fulfilling the Landscaping goals of the owner, Andrew Wexler and myself.

I therefore give Andy Villaescusa and his company A-Plus Sprinkler and Landscaping my highest recommendation and in fact will continue to use his services in the future.


Tony R. Lees
Site Director
Pali Mountain
P.O. Box 2237
Running Springs, CA
(909) 867-5743 Phone Ext. 240
(909) 867-7643 FAX