Sprinkler Repair

Many home owners use automated systems to irrigate their lawns and ornamental plants. Nearly all newly built residential properties are irrigated using automatic systems with permanently installed sprinklers. While the systems are installed to provide minimal maintenance and automated irrigation, routine maintenance and repairs are required to correct component failure and damage.

Prompt repair of irrigation system problems prevents loss or damage to landscapes and wasted water. Identifying and correcting the specific problem can prevent additional harmful impacts. For example, dry areas in a landscape can appear to be lacking water, but the lack of water may be due to a broken sprinkler or some other problem causing a loss of pressure in the irrigation system. Simply setting the irrigation timer to a longer run time will not make up for dry areas occurring from leaks, clogs or broken irrigation pipe.

Some irrigation system problems are easily fixed, but they have to be identified to be repaired. The most important part of maintaining an irrigation system is conducting regular inspections while the system is operating. Some basic problems commonly encountered when checking irrigation systems are:

  • Clogged sprinklers
  • Leaking sprinklers and valves
  • Obstructed sprinklers
  • Overspray onto sidewalks, streets or buildings
  • Design problems
  • Misprogrammed controller
  • Pipe leaks or breaks

Some of these problems are easily repaired while some may require the help of an irrigation contractor.

Sprinkler repair is a natural part of having a well-functioning sprinkler system. Sprinkler heads wear out and break. Trees grow and rupture pipes. Any number of small problems can happen with a sprinkler system which makes a repair necessary. If your yard sprinklers aren’t working correctly, there may be many reasons. They may require sprayer adjustment or lose their alignment. These adjustments may include changing the sprinkler radius, arc, distance or water flow. Sometimes, however, sprinklers are damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.

If you need to replace your sprinkler system, ask us about ways you can conserve water with a new system. With the new sprinkler valve technology, a focus on sustainable landscape, there are now improved, updated sprinkler systems that use less water than older systems.

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