What is Hardscape or Hardscaping?

In landscape or garden design, hardscape refers to the hard or solid areas in the outdoor space. These “hard” areas may be made of materials like concrete, wood, flagstone, pea gravel, rocks, pebbles, etc. Hardscaping includes patios, decks, verandas, arbors, gazebos, trellises, balconies, terraces, porches, rooftops, courtyards, walls, fountains, ponds, pools, etc

Why Choose Hardscape Design?

  • Curb appeal : A home that’s beautifully landscaped sells for about 15 to 20 percent more than a home without the same attention to things like landscape design, according to real estate experts. Hardscape design allows a homeowner to make an immediate positive impression on visitors, through things like a colored paved brick driveway or a driveway that combines elements of hardscape and softscape.
  • Extend the ‘look’ of the home : Whether the look and style of the home is traditional or contemporary, a landscape design expert can take advantage of hardscape elements to give the patio or yard the same kind of look and feel as the home itself. This can be done through walkways, fountains, planters, walls and a variety of other elements.
  • Necessary can be attractive : There are many elements of hardscape design, such as retaining walls and drainage that are used for more than aesthetic reasons. A retaining wall, for example, can be used next to a sloped lawn, to stop the encroachment of water, while different elements of drainage are hidden through other elements of hardscape design.


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